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About Our Class Visit Accommodations

The 9/11 Tribute Museum offers a variety of options for students grades 5-12.

Guided and Self-Guided 9/11 Tribute Museum Visits

Students will tour the museum’s galleries on their own or with one of our guides to experience the impact of 9/11 through the stories of those who were there, focusing on learning through primary sources: videos, artifacts, images and oral histories. After touring the galleries, students may speak with a 9/11 Tribute Museum guide who will share their personal 9/11 experiences, answer questions and engage students in dialogue about the future.

Tour of the 9/11 Memorial

Go on a guided tour of the 9/11 Memorial and hear our guides’ powerful stories of their experiences during and after the attacks. They share insight on the history of 9/11 and the Memorial pools, the Survivor Tree and the new buildings on the site.

Distance Learning

We can work with you to provide your students with a meaningful experience with one of our education staff members and a guide. Programs are adapted for many subjects, including social studies, English language arts, ethics and community service.

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  • A very humbling and moving experience. Booked tickets on line due to previous TA positive reviews. Not disappointed, tour conducted by a lady who lost her brother on that fateful day. She was accompanied by a serving NYPD officer who was a 1st responder on that day....

    Vada - Terrigal, Australia
    Vada - Terrigal, Australia Read Full Review
  • A beautifully organized, well thought out tribute to a day that the world won't forget. You walk throughout the center with goosebumps in awe as you relive the events of September 11th....

     Tamar O. - Queens, NY
    Tamar O. - Queens, NY Read Full Review
  • I haven't been this moved by a site I've visited while traveling since my visit to Choeung Ek in Phnom Penh in 2009. This was a difficult tour and brought back my memories of September 11 and the fear and sadness that followed...

    Laura R. - Toronto, Canada
    Laura R. - Toronto, Canada Read Full Review
  • While this may bot be the actual 9/11 museum, you definitely pay your respects and are able to connect with the day the US/Twin Towers were attacked and collapsed...

    Ivette2980 - Miami, Florida
    Ivette2980 - Miami, Florida Read Full Review

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