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We offer workshops to encourage, inspire, and guide the teaching of 9/11 and related topics.

Professional Development & Workshops

For nearly a decade, the 9/11 Tribute Museum has been providing educational leadership in serving teachers

We offer innovative techniques for linking this contemporary history to a variety of curriculum areas and emphasize teaching with primary sources.

Our workshops respond to the directives of Common Core Standards, helping teachers to use primary source materials to teach about 9/11. We guide teachers to locate and use oral histories in their classrooms, as well as learn to read photos and artifacts. We have addressed many challenging issues related to teaching 9/11 including debunking conspiracy theories, working with classes composed of multi-cultural students, and understanding terrorism in the 21st century.

We partner with other national educational organizations to provide outstanding workshops for teachers. In partnering with Facing History and Ourselves, we involve teachers in wrestling with difficult moments in history. Teachers investigate how recent history is recorded, analyzed, memorialized and how it impacts our day-to-day lives. Other partnering organizations such as Brown University’s Choices Program have provided a range of workshops helping teachers to confidently bring this challenging subject into their classroom.

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  • I am grateful to all of the Tribute Staff, speakers, and volunteers for their contributions to a better and deeper understanding of such an event.

    Janet B.
    Janet B. Middle School Teacher
  • This workshop was absolutely amazing. Extremely helpful, informative and relevant. I have learned so much about teaching 9/11 that I could not have learned from any other source I truly feel I can teach about 9/11 from a positive perspective and feel comfortable in doing so. I was always so apprehensive about the topic, but now I feel I have the tools to teach with confidence and understanding.

    Gina A.
    Gina A. Elementary Teacher
  • Thank you! Hands down the best workshop I’ve ever been to.

    Anonymous Elementary/Middle School Art & Spanish Teacher
  • I would love this workshop to be offered again. It is such a wonderful opportunity to get ideas for students and also self-reflection. It is so needed in today’s society.

    Darlene M.
    Darlene M. Elementary/Middle School Art and Computers Teacher
  • I was incredibly moved by the ceremony and by the opportunity to hear the stories that the other teachers shared about their work in the classroom. My students that accompanied me to the ceremony were also very touched by the speeches that they heard.

    Steven Seltz
    Steven Seltz High School teacher from Brooklyn, NY

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