9/11 at 20

Reflections From The 9/11 Community

As September 11, 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the 9/11 Tribute Museum is proud to share personal stories and reflections from members of the 9/11 community along with additional commemorative programming. Programs will discuss physical and mental health, personal resilience, societal changes, community, service and more.


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Joan M. (Lower Manhattan Resident)

“I was never someone who needed help…but I needed help then”


“I was 9 months pregnant with my first child”


“I’m ok not being ok”


“20 years later and people are still dying from the events of September 11th”

Guy S. (9/11 First Responder – EMS)

“I thought I saw the worst things in Vietnam…this was absolutely horrendous”

Andy T. (9/11 First Responder/Recovery – FDNY)

Never Forgotten: Reflections From The 9/11 Community – A Virtual Roundtable 

Watch as multiple members of the 9/11 Community share their personal 9/11 stories and reflect on the 20 years since the attacks.

Premieres on 9/1/21 at 10AM(EST)

FEATURING: Andy T. (9/11 Rescue/Recovery), Guy S. (9/11 First Responder – EMS), Joan M. (Resident) & Mark D. (Resident/Survivor)

Premieres on 9/10/21 at 10AM(EST)

FEATURING: Bob P. (Recovery), Cathy L. (Resident/Survivor), Peter B. (Survivor)

Additional Programs

The 9/11 Tribute Museum Presents: 20 Years of Reflections from Extraordinary Women Leaders​ – Ep.1

Premieres on 9/5/21 at 12PM (EST)

The 9/11 Tribute Museum Presents: 20 Years of Reflections from Extraordinary Women Leaders​ – Ep. 2

Premieres on 9/7/21 at 12PM (EST)

9/11 Tribute Museum + Penn Vet Working Dog Center – In Discussion – feat. Dr. Cynthia Otto

9/11 Tribute Museum + Penn Vet Working Dog Center – In Discussion w/ Annemarie DeAngelo


A Survivor’s Message To The USS NEW YORK

“Between me and my husband, we have 12 different [9/11-related] illnesses…you have to be stronger than you think you are”

Sonia A. (9/11 Recovery Worker)

“People from all over the country came to help”

Bob P. (9/11 Recovery Worker)

“My daughters and I embarked on a journey that we never expected to be on…we have had a personal loss in the midst of an international tragedy. There is no handbook to tell you how to [get through] that”

Ann VH. (9/11 Family Member)

“[After 9/11] we became a community of help and caring”

Mark D. (Lower Manhattan Resident)

Real Talks – 9/11 @ 20

Watch as two members of the 9/11 Community have an open, honest conversation about their experience on 9/11 and their journeys since.

FEATURING: Steve C. & Andy T. (9/11 First Responders – FDNY)

FEATURING: Sonia A. (9/11 Recovery Worker) & Mark D. (Lower Manhattan Resident)

FEATURING Desiree B. & Jeanette G. (9/11 Survivors)

  • Amazing and Powerful. Andy, a former fire chief during 9/11, did our tour and I cannot say enough good things about him or this tour. I would do this tour over and over again. The fact that each tour guide is someone directly tied to the incidents that happened on 9/11 is what makes this that much more powerful.

    Jody J.
    Jody J. Read Full Review
  • Did the 9/11 tribute tour with our tour guide Chris, she was amazing. I felt we got the real experience of what happened during that time in history through first hand survivors.  The stories and experiences she shared were heartfelt and astonishing. I learned so much and it makes me even more proud to be an American. This tour is a must!

    Graciela C. - Vallejo, CA.
    Graciela C. - Vallejo, CA. Read Full Review
  • The guided tour is led by volunteers - survivors, family members, rescue workers and the like who are able to share their experience of 9/11 with you … We had Anthony and Desiree as our guides, both shared their stories and memories of that day and I guarantee there was not a dry eye in our group as we heard of their loss and heartbreak.

    Jenn N. - Calgary, Canada.
    Jenn N. - Calgary, Canada. Read Full Review
  • Me and my daughter visited today. We enjoyed this very much. The firefighter that talked was really informative and gave us a look into what it was like to be there. We are so glad we decided to come. Thank you so much!

    Dawn J.
    Dawn J. Visitor
  • Purely amazing experience! Our guide, Dalia, was perfect! She was so caring, loving and compassionate. I really have no words to explain the emotional enormity of this sacred place. Can't wait to come back.

    Dawn P.
    Dawn P. Read Full Review
  • This is a very, very emotional tour. It never ceases to amaze me, and it never ceases to make me "feel”… This was my second visit (first time was in 2014) to the 9/11 Tribute Museum… This is an amazing experience that you're not gong to find anywhere

    Sara A. - Scottsdale, Arizona
    Sara A. - Scottsdale, Arizona Read Full Review
  • She told the story so well and with her heart and true feelings. I was very humbled this day. I had so many emotions flowing through me, sad, uplifting and anger. I will never forget the experience of going there.

    Craig Cloutier - Connecticut
    Craig Cloutier - Connecticut Read Full Review
  • A very humbling and moving experience. Booked tickets on line due to previous TA positive reviews. Not disappointed, tour conducted by a lady who lost her brother on that fateful day. She was accompanied by a serving NYPD officer who was a 1st responder on that day....

    Vada - Terrigal, Australia
    Vada - Terrigal, Australia Read Full Review
  • It was an unexpected somber joy. The talent and gift of [our guide] captured this moment in history in a way that made you feel you were personally present, sharing every emotional step. [He] reminded me how proud I am to be an American. Don't miss this creative presentation. You'll walk away a different person.

    Leslie Z. - United States
    Leslie Z. - United States Read Full Review

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