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About Our Annual Teacher Awards

Each year, we honor teachers who create exemplary educational projects that help students understand the impact of 9/11.

Few teachers throughout the country are supported in their efforts to teach their students about the events of September 11, 2001. The 9/11 Tribute Museum has made it a priority to collect, reward and share the creativity and commitment of teachers that have taken the challenge and made tremendous accomplishments in their school.

Award-winning teachers have engaged students in unique projects that focus on historical and humanitarian aspects of 9/11 history, making the lessons of 9/11 tangible to children too young to remember. Projects often engage students in researching, discussing, analyzing and understanding 9/11. These award-winning projects enabled students to experience 9/11 as a lesson in civic engagement using language arts, history, civics, visual and media arts, and community service.

Awardees receive a monetary gift for their school and a Certificate of Merit by the 9/11 Tribute Museum. Each gift is donated by a 9/11 family foundation. Applications are due by February 14, 2020 Application deadline has been extended to February 23, 2020!

Award Winners

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Supporting Foundations

Over the years the Teacher Awards program has been made possible by the generous support of several family foundations who are committed to supporting education:

Michael J. Armstrong Memorial Foundation

Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund

Brooke Jackman Foundation

Greg Richards, Larry Polatsch, & Scott Weingard (GLS) Memorial Fund

Welles Remy Crowther Charitable Trust

Terence D. Gazzani 9/11 Scholarship Fund

Mullan family in memory of Firefighter Michael D. Mullan

Christopher Slattery September 11th Memorial Foundation

  • I was incredibly moved by the ceremony and by the opportunity to hear the stories that the other teachers shared about their work in the classroom. My students that accompanied me to the ceremony were also very touched by the speeches that they heard.

    Steven Seltz
    Steven Seltz High School teacher from Brooklyn, NY

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