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About Our Class Visit Accommodations

The 9/11 Tribute Museum offers a variety of options for students grades 5-12.

The 9/11 Tribute Museum allows students to explore the factual events of 9/11, the unprecedented rescue and recovery operations, the rebuilding of Lower Manhattan, the tremendous spirit of resilience and service that arose after the attacks, and how we can grow through volunteerism and acts of kindness in our own communities.


Guided and Self-Guided 9/11 Tribute Museum Visits

Students will tour the museum’s galleries on their own or with one of our guides to experience the impact of 9/11 through the stories of those who were there, focusing on learning through primary sources: videos, artifacts, images and oral histories. After touring the galleries, students may speak with a 9/11 Tribute Museum guide who will share their personal 9/11 experiences, answer questions and engage students in dialogue about the future.


Guided Tour of the 9/11 Memorial

Go on a guided tour of the 9/11 Memorial and hear our guides’ powerful stories of their experiences during and after the attacks. They share insight on the history of 9/11 and the Memorial pools, the Survivor Tree and the new buildings on the site.

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  • It's touching, heartfelt, and hard. I felt very close to the families and victims in this space. The personal touch, plane tickets, jackets... pieces of the the lives lost there in front of you is very powerful.

    A_Miracle_Day, New York, NY
    A_Miracle_Day, New York, NY Read Full Review
  • We did this as one of the three things you could pick with our attraction tickets direct passes. The museum itself brought tears to my eyes, very emotional.

    katie8383 - Manchester, UK.
    katie8383 - Manchester, UK. Read Full Review
  • A very informative, well structured and thought-provoking tour and museum experience.

    Cameron H.
    Cameron H. Read Full Review
  • I'll remember my time there for the rest of my life … This, for me, was definitely a highlight of our trip. Incredibly emotional, but a truly humbling experience.

    Igreenslade92 - Canterbury, UK.
    Igreenslade92 - Canterbury, UK. Read Full Review
  • Beautifully done. Exhibits were thoughtful and respectful. Very informative and evocative. A must see for all Americans.

    Beth B.
    Beth B. Read Full Review
  • A place dedicated by the families to the memories and to the great loss suffered that day. It gives you another glimpse into the heroism and the tragedy that was experienced. I'd definitely recommend it to people to stop in.

    Daniel S.
    Daniel S. Read Full Review
  • Everyone knows about the events of 9/11 but this museum focuses on the personal stories of those involved. A very moving experience.

    Keith B.
    Keith B. Read Full Review
  • This might be the most powerful memory we take from our trip to NYC.

    Olga R.
    Olga R. Read Full Review
  • Their depth of knowledge and individual personal stories stemming from the events that took place on 9/11 were very touching and highly informative … the [9/11 Tribute Museum] added such a high degree of depth and context to our experience in a very intimate way.

    Keith P.
    Keith P. Read Full Review
  • Me and my daughter visited today. We enjoyed this very much. The firefighter that talked was really informative and gave us a look into what it was like to be there. We are so glad we decided to come. Thank you so much!

    Dawn J.
    Dawn J. Visitor

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