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Exhibits at the new 9/11 Tribute Museum continue our mission of sharing the stories by those directly affected by 9/11.

Based on our themes of compassion, resilience and service, the galleries show the history, a memorium tribute and highlight the many ways that individuals responded to 9/11 by helping one another, from the first moment of the attacks until today.

A new exhibition in the Museum showcases the work of the many foundations started by members of the September 11th community who are using their grief to help and support others. From recovery workers using their skills to rebuild homes in areas hit by natural disasters to honoring a daughter by teaching children to read in her name, these organizations help others in deeply personal and beautiful ways.

The exhibits cover 18,000 square feet of the new 9/11 Tribute Museum and are arranged in paths that move visitors from the dark and chaotic morning of September 11, 2001 towards the light. Through films, oral histories, artifacts and the stories of family members, rescue and recovery workers, survivors of the attacks, and those who lived and worked in Lower Manhattan, visitors will learn what the attacks and their aftermath felt like from the very people whose lives were changed forever by them.

In the final gallery, Service to the World, visitors will have an opportunity to commit to their own acts of service and to share their commitment via interactive media screens. We hope to grow our digital global map so that it will show thousands of people everywhere who visited the 9/11 Tribute Museum, were inspired to do something good and who are making the world a better place.

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