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In the new 9/11 Tribute Museum, there is a gallery entitled “Seeds of Service.”  It is a communal and social interactive that encourages visitors to serve local, national or global communities.  Through printed display and touchscreens, visitors will explore different volunteer opportunities and learn about projects that other visitors have participated in, and then share their own service project or goal.  A changing tally of these commitments, displayed on a large monitor in the gallery and shared on social media, will show the growth and spread of service inspired by the selfless acts that showed the kindness and generosity of humanity in response to 9/11.

To participate while outside of the gallery, please complete the below form.  Your service commitments and goals will join those with the individuals visiting the Seeds of Service gallery.

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“Volunteering at Tribute has been one of the best things I could have done since 9/11. It truly makes me feel connected to those who have experienced what I have.”

– 9/11 Family Member

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