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A group of 55 sixth-grade students were the first to take part in a Guided 9/11 Tribute Museum Visit.

As part of the Explore program at Empower Charter School in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, students had learned about September 11, 2001 in their social studies classrooms so when they visited the Museum, they had basic knowledge of the facts of events. What the educational program provided them with were personal stories of those who lived during the attacks. This helped the students understand how New York City and the world were changed on 9/11.


We enjoyed Tribute so much. Our students were so moved and engaged by the stories and the galleries… We could have not asked for a better trip.
– Lucy Schultz, Teacher at Empower Charter School


Students heard from volunteers Ann and Ken. Ann was an educator and former co-owner of New School of Dance Arts for 35 years. She lost her husband Bruce, an FDNY firefighter for Squad 41 in the Bronx. Since then, Ann has traveled around the world sharing her inspirational story.

Ken is a member of Summit, New Jersey First Aid Squad and responded with the team on September 11th. The Summit train station was designated a decontamination site, and Ken was assigned the task of decontaminating commuters returning from the World Trade Center site after the attacks.

Both Ann and Ken shared their stories and then provided historical facts about the World Trade Center and the events that lead to 9/11. Afterward students were able to ask questions about the events and the volunteers personal stories.


[I] thought the kids were great and had some very perceptive questions.
– Ken, 9/11 Tribute Museum Volunteer


Following the program, students were given a guided tour of the new exhibits by Meriam Lobel, the Museum’s curator. The mission of the 9/11 Tribute Museum has always been to share the stories of 9/11 with students and Meriam was pleased to do just that with such a wonderful group of 11 and 12-year-old New Yorkers.

Lucy Schultz, Math Teacher 6th grade Math Teacher at Empower Charter School, shared her thoughts on the student’s experience: “We enjoyed Tribute so much. Our students were so moved and engaged by the stories and the galleries. Every single scholar I’ve talked to has said that they had a great time and learned so much both in terms of the history but also just in terms of building empathy for others. We could have not asked for a better trip.”

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