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The holiday season is in full swing as the 9/11 Tribute Museum hosted its annual Holiday Volunteer Service Recognition Ceremony

Tribute Museum volunteers, staff and friends of the museum gathered to remember an exceptional year of service, the 9/11 community and to catch up with peers over food and drink. Active docents ranging from Tribute’s first volunteer class to volunteers from the latest class 12 years later were on hand to celebrate their hard work and to celebrate each other for their extraordinary service in 2018.

The evening kicked off with a special video message from Tribute co-founder and President, Lee Ielpi, from his home in Florida praising the efforts that Tribute docents continue to display after more than 12 years. Jennifer Adams-Webb, co-founder and CEO, also welcomed the gathering and made remarks discussing the previous year’s accomplishments and those to look forward to.

The service recognition segment of the evening celebrated the inspiring commitment to service that 9/11 Tribute Museum docents display when sharing their profound 9/11 stories on guided tours, in the Storytelling Gallery and with school groups 7 days a week. From the Billy Quick Award, awarded to new volunteers who immediately embody the Tribute mission, presented in honor of late FDNY firefighter and Tribute docent William H. Quick, who passed away from site-related cancer in 2011, to awards for completed guided 9/11 Memorial tours (one guide reached an astonishing 650 (!!!) tours this year), over 100 awards were presented to Tribute’s courageous and resilient volunteers. The evening was a celebration of community, courage and perseverance, and is a testament to the commitment to educating and inspiring visitors from around the world and honoring the memory of those we lost on 9/11 and those we have lost since.

Many thanks to all those who helped make the evening such a special night, including the “TLA,” or Tribute Ladies’ Auxiliary, members of the board and the staff of Tribute.

On behalf the 9/11 Tribute Museum staff, we love and thank all 900+ volunteers that have joined the Tribute Family over the last 12 years. We always remember those that are no longer with us and we continue to keep their memories alive through the stories and service of Tribute docents. We also thank the thousands of visitors who have experienced the museum’s galleries, guided tours or Student Programs in 2018.

We look forward to another incredible year!

Kwaku Farrar greeted volunteers as they arrive.
A chance for long-time friends and new acquaintances to catch up.
A chance for long-time friends and new acquaintances to catch up.
CEO Jennifer Adams-Webb chats with long-time volunteer Sonia and Board member Joan.
Co-founder and CEO Jennifer Adams-Webb greets our volunteers and thanks them for another year of sharing their stories.
Co-founder and CEO Jennifer Adams-Webb greets our volunteers and thanks them for another year of sharing their stories.
Co-founder Lee Ielpi couldn't make it in person but left a heartfelt video message of thanks for our volunteers.
Long-time volunteer and Moderator for our
Gallery Guide Award Winners Bob P.., Guy S. (not shown), Steve M. (not shown).
My 9/11 Story Award Winners Mark D., Beth K., Jim G., Joe A., Maxime L., Steve K., Bob P., Woody W., Frank C. (not shown), Vic G. (not shown).
School Group Award Winners Paul I. and Tim T. (not shown).
Presidential Volunteer Service Award Winners Ray H., Dan P., Steve C., Jim L. (not shown), Ray B. (not shown), Dan N. (not shown).
50 Tour Pin Award Winners Gregg H., Bob P., Rachel H., Steve O., Richard H., Be Be B., Bianca B., Susan Q. (not shown), John T. (not shown), Ken Z. (not shown), Joe C. (not shown), Geri T. (not shown).
100 Tour Pin Award Winners Pat R., Jim G., Mary G., Ronnie B., Arlene B., Barry A. (not shown), Matt. C. (not shown), Judy K. (not shown).
150 Tour Pin Award Winners Ken H., Paul I., Jeanette G., Stephen K., Misako Y.(not shown)., Karen S. (not shown).
200 Tour Pin Award Winners Peter B., Julie R., Gail F. (not shown), Frank C. (not shown).
250 Tour Pin Award Winners Marianne P., Brenda B., Jeanmarie H.,
300 Tour Pin Award Winners Dan P., Steve C., Ray B. (not shown), Dan N. (not shown), Steve W. (not shown).
350 Tour Pin Award Winners Ray H., Steve C., Mia R. (not shown).
400 Tour Pin Award Winners Desiree B., Marty N. (not shown), Bruce P. (not shown).
450 Tour Pin Award Winners Elliott M., Judith P., Anthony P..
Jennifer Adams-Webb commemorates Leokadia and Elliott's entry into the
500 Tour Pin Award Winners Leokadia G., Elliott M., Jim K. (not shown).
Connor explains the inspiration behind the
Our first
600 Tour Pin Award Winners Sonia A., Elliott M., Joan M..
600 Tour Pin Award Winners Joan M.
A chance for long-time friends and new acquaintances to catch up.
Refreshments were served by our exceptional bartenders Kristine and Conner.
An equally impressive spread of desserts!
An impressive spread of hor d'oeuvres and snacks.
A chance for long-time friends and new acquaintances to catch up.
Long-time volunteers get together for a photo.

Award Winners

Gallery Guide

  • Guy S.
  • Bob P.
  • Steve M.

My 9/11 Story

  • Mark D.
  • Beth K.
  • Jim G.
  • Frank C.
  • Joe A.
  • Maxime L.
  • Steve K.
  • Vic G.
  • Bob P.
  • Woody W.

Presidential Volunteer Service

  • Dan P.
  • Jim L.
  • Ray B.
  • Ray H.
  • Steve C.
  • Dan N.


  • Tim T.
  • Paul I.

“Billy” Quick Award

  • Manny C.
  • Beth K.
  • John D.
  • Ellen I.
  • Lenny C.
  • Steve O.
  • Frank T.
  • Bob P.
  • Terry F.

50 Tours

  • Gregg H.
  • Bob P.
  • Susan Q.
  • Rachel H.
  • Steve O.
  • Richard H.
  • John T.
  • Be Be B.
  • Ken Z.
  • Joe C.
  • Geri T.
  • Bianca B.

100 Tours

  • Pat R.
  • Barry A.
  • Jim G.
  • Matt. C.
  • Mary G.
  • Ronnie B.
  • Arlene B.
  • Judy K.

150 Tours

  • Ken H.
  • Paul I.
  • Jeanette G.
  • Stephen K.
  • Misako Y.
  • Karen S.

200 Tours

  • Gail F.
  • Frank C.
  • Peter B.
  • Julie R.

250 Tours

  • Dan N.
  • Marianne P.
  • Brenda B.
  • Jeanmarie H.
  • Howard L.
  • George C.

300 Tours

  • Ray B.
  • Dan P.
  • Steve W.
  • Dan N.
  • Steve C.

350 Tours

  • Mia R.
  • Ray H.
  • Steve C.

400 Tours

  • Marty N.
  • Bruce P.
  • Desiree B.

450 Tours

  • Elliott M.
  • Judith P.
  • Anthony P.

500 Tours

  • Leokadia G.
  • Jim K.
  • Elliott M.

550 Tours

  • Sonia A.
  • Elliott M.
  • Chris H.

600 Tours

  • Sonia A.
  • Elliott M.
  • Joan M.

650 Tours

  • Joan M.
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