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The 9/11 Tribute Museum and the NYU Creative Writing Program will present Soldiers’ Stories from the Front, An Evening of Veterans Reading Their Writing, on Thursday, November 9, 2017 at 6:30pm, at the 9/11 Tribute Museum, located at 92 Greenwich Street, New York, New York 10006.



This program, being held in recognition of Veterans Day, will feature veterans who have served overseas, including in Iraq and Afghanistan, and who are now participants in the Veterans’ Writing Workshop, part of the Creative Writing Program at New York University. Each Saturday the veterans gather to work on fiction and non-fiction pieces they have written about their experiences at war.

The goal of the workshop is to offer veterans an opportunity to express themselves on paper, to cultivate a voice with which to bear witness and tell their stories, to be heard, and to record their experiences in combat and afterward. Like the 9/11 Tribute Museum’s tour guides, the veterans have stories to share. This reading is an opportunity for people who have never been at war to begin to understand what experiences in the field are like, and how the veterans bridge those experiences with their lives at home.

The 9/11 Tribute Museum originated this program in 2010 in tribute to the members of the military who have served our country.

This program is free and open to the public, but reservations are requested. Please email to confirm a seat.


About the 9/11 Tribute Museum & the NYU Student Resource Center

The 9/11 Tribute Museum opened in 2006 as the 9/11 Tribute Center, by the September 11th Families’ Association, a not-for-profit organization. The 9/11 Tribute Museum offers visitors the ability to learn factual information about the attacks, the unprecedented rescue and recovery operations and the rebuilding of both Lower Manhattan and of people’s lives. The Museum presents videos, artifacts and “Person to Person History,” linking visitors who want to understand the historic events of 9/11 with those who experienced them. Visitors discover the tremendous spirit of resilience and service that arose after the attacks, and are encouraged to honor the legacy of that spirit through volunteerism and acts of kindness in their own communities. Personal gallery and walking tour experiences are available for student and group visits.

The Student Resource Center at NYU works to support our community of veterans and students in the military at NYU by providing services, resources and programs to help students become connected within the NYU Community. The Student Resource Center serves as a resource for all students at NYU and specifically includes resources for Students with Children, Commuter and Off-Campus Students, Transfer and Transitioning Students, Graduate Students and Students in the Military.

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